6 Unique Ideas To Make Use Of Your Garage In 2020

6 utilisations uniques pour votre garage en 2020

Photo Source: CBC Newfoundland and Labrador


If nothing else, 2020’s curveballs have taught the world to be a bit more resourceful. Events have been canceled across the country but this hasn’t stopped people with can-do attitudes, bright ideas and community spirit. From birthday and anniversary parades to art exhibitions, inventive folks have been using their typically utilitarian garages for alternative ways to entertain. 


Exitech Garage Door Specialists is incredibly inspired by this, so we’re here to highlight some other clever endeavors. Here are 6 incredible ways Canadians are using their garages while at home.

Two Teens Start a Bike Repair Service in Their Garage

A pair of brothers from St. John’s Newfoundland turned their love of biking and skills for tuning them up into a business venture during the pandemic. It only got busier for them as the weather warmed.

A Shotput Athlete Practices in Her Garage

One of the ways a Halifax-based Olympic shotput hopeful has stayed on top of her game is to practice her techniques at home. How? Sarah Mitton’s father set up an indoor throwing circle in her garage, allowing her to keep her skills sharp. 

Turning a Garage Into a Film Set

In Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, filmmaker Christopher Auchter’s creativity is being recognized as part of an international podcast on Indigenous artistry. He and his friends recreated a popular scene from “Troy,” using his father’s garage doors as the backdrop.

One Artist Uses a Garage Wall for a Mural

A Grunthal, Alberta man used his family’s garage wall as a platform for his art. Willy Peters said it was a way to pass the time during social isolation. Even his dog loved it!

Photo Source: Steinbach Online

Potter Moves Her Studio Into the Garage 

Suzanne Scott, the owner of a Prince Edward Island pottery business has always worked out of her garage in Charlottetown during her off-seasons. Thanks to her garage, this year’s curveballs didn’t slow down her creativity. 


Photo Source: CBC PEI

One Garage Concert Raises Thousands for a Local Food Bank

Whistler-based band The Hairfarmers were part of a webcast garage party. Over 900 people from around the globe watched the hour-and-a-half-long performance, which helped raise $40,000 for the local food bank. At a time when many people experienced job loss, this was welcome news.


If you’re feeling motivated by an idea to use your garage space to set up shop for a business, a community-based endeavor or a creative project, a stunning and secure garage door is a smart place to start to keep everything safe. Exitech Garage Door Specialists is ready to help you with everything you need. Reach out to us online to get your very own customized garage door quote.