Commercial Garage Door: How To Choose the One

Choosing a garage door for your business can be a tricky affair. Different types of businesses have different needs. For example, rolling doors are ideal for tight spaces while four-fold doors are popular in fire stations, auto dealerships and so on. With the wide selection of doors available, choosing your commercial garage door can be confusing. Of course, factors like budget, space, requirements, use and risk of break-ins will determine what type of door you should buy. To help you make an informed decision, here is a brief explanation of the different types of commercial garage doors.

Sectional commercial garage doors

These doors are one of the most popular for businesses of all sorts. If space is not an issue, sectional doors are a great option. Not only are they secure but they also provide good thermal efficiency. Furthermore, sectional garage doors operate rather quietly, which is a definite bonus depending on the location of your business. However, these commercial garage doors do require considerable headroom, backroom and sideroom.

Rolling commercial garage doors

Another very popular door type for various businesses, the rolling door is perfect for tighter spaces. As opposed to the sectional door, the rolling door requires little backroom, headroom or sideroom. These doors are made of interlocking slats, which wind around a barrel. Furthermore, they offer very good durability and security for high use environments.

Thermal insulated commercial garage doors

Just as the name suggests, thermal insulated doors minimize heat loss and thus help your business save on energy costs. Additionally, their construction differs from single layer doors making them stronger and more durable. These doors are becoming more and more popular, especially in northern climates.

Commercial fire garage doors

 Fire doors are ideal to help meet the highest fire rating standards. These doors will automatically release to close at temperatures of 165° F. On top of this, your business’ smoke or fire alarm can also activate the fire door’s descent.

Commercial high-speed garage doors

Once again, the name says it all. The speed door offers faster opening and closing times. This is an advantage for businesses and represents a solid investment. With high-speed opening and closing, these commercial garage doors have several benefits. They are highly secure, prevent airflow and reduce heating and cooling loss. This can help your business save on energy costs, protect sensitive merchandise and more.

The four-fold garage door

The four-fold garage door is a commercial garage door that opens horizontally. It is ideal for fire stations, parking garages, grain facilities and auto dealerships. Because of its sturdy design and construction, the four-fold door can function under high cycle and severe conditions. You can also customize these doors with windows, giving your business a sharp look!

When choosing your commercial garage door, you want to make sure you consider all the factors. What are your business’ needs? Your budget? How vulnerable is your business to break-ins? For more details on the different types of commercial garage doors available or to get a quote, contact Exitech today.