The Smart Garage Door: 5 Features You Just Can’t Do Without!

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As the world increasingly relies on smart technologies, the garage door opener has followed suit. A smart garage door is an automatic door that can be controlled through your Android or iPhone. Your wireless garage door opener can be paired with today’s connected technologies for better monitoring and access control to your garage. Read on and discover the top five features of the smart garage door you just can’t do without!


Smart garage door openers enhance security


Often overlooked, the garage is a prime point of entry for intruders. But before they even make it into your home, they will have their pick of valuables right in your garage. From expensive equipment, to sports gear, to tools and obviously cars, the garage is a storage space for some of our most prized possessions. The smart garage door opener allows you to monitor unauthorized access to your garage right from your phone. This can be done through push notifications. Furthermore, various smart features are available including a streaming video camera with night vision. As such, you can have “eyes” on your garage and home 24/7!

 Control the access to your garage

If you have children or a housekeeper, you can grant access to the garage remotely through your garage door opener. In fact, many apps even allow you to schedule access. This means you can program your garage door to open or close at a certain time on a given day.


Smart garage door openers offer peace of mind

You are running late, distracted, drive off in a hurry then, a few blocks away, cannot remember if you closed the garage door. Thankfully with a smart garage door opener, you can check if you forgot to close the garage door. Additionally, your phone can also alert you if you accidentally left the door open. Now that’s peace of mind!


Smart garage door openers send alerts to keep you and your family safe


Unfortunately, carbon monoxide can build up in the garage. To avoid potential accidents, you can connect your smart carbon monoxide detector to your smart garage door opener. This means if carbon monoxide levels get dangerously high, a notification will be sent to your phone. And, of course, your smart garage door opener allows you to open your door from anywhere in the world. Thus, you can let harmful fumes out and ensure everyone’s safety!


Smart garage door openers can help you monitor garage temperature

Some smart garage door openers also offer a temperature monitoring feature. This is especially useful in the summer and winter. If you store temperature-sensitive equipment, food, beverages like wine or other in the garage this is especially helpful. Once again, the smart opener will send a message to your phone.


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