April 21, 2017

Garage Door Accessories to Enhance its Look

House with black garage doors

How to enhance the look of your garage door? Garage door accessory is a good means to do so! Would you like to refresh the look of your home? Have you thought about what you can do to your garage door? Representing a significant area of the front of your house, the appearance of your garage door should not be neglected. To give it a touch of elegance, there are a variety of ingenious and affordable ideas and decorative garage door accessories. Looking for advice? Here are a few!

Add Windows as a Garage Door Accessory

Available in different shapes and adaptable to most recent models of GARAGA garage doors, installing windows that match the style of your home is a brilliant idea. In addition to having a positive impact on the look of your home, the windows will brighten up the inside of your garage, creating a pleasant and clear space.

For more privacy, we recommend that you opt for a frosted, textured or satin window panes that let in natural light. If you prefer clear glass, consider installing your windows at a height, either on the third or fourth row of your door panels. This will, thus, prevent your neighbors from looking inside your garage!

Decorative Hardware: an Inexpensive and Attractive Garage Door Accessory

An inexpensive alternative to convincing results, garage door accessories from decorative hardware can completely transform your garage door, making it move from a more traditional style to a rustic or modern design.

Doorknocker or hinge installation is easy and can be performed without assistance in a few minutes. Even so, we still recommend that you contact one of our specialists to guide you in your choices. He is well placed to offer you garage door accessories that will give real added value to the look of your home.

House with 2 garage doors

Add a Touch of Color to Your Garage Door

And if a new, brighter colored garage door was the perfect solution to give your home a special appearance? Over the years, it’s possible that you have had to replace some exterior components. So did you change the front door, windows, coverings or sidings? If so, is it leaving you with an odd-looking or outdated garage door? In this case, think about getting a more current door with embossing and color.

There is an available color palette large enough to get lost in our store. Ice White to Moka Brown through all shades of gray. So, feel free to ask one of our designers for the ideal color of your future garage door.

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