July 27, 2018

Garage Door Insurance: A Few Things to Know

Damaged garage door

Garage door insurance: Navigating the complex world of home insurance can be a daunting task. If you are a homeowner, it is essential that you insure your home. Typically, homeowner’s insurance covers your property, its content, and personal liability of you, your spouse and children. But how does a garage and garage door fit into the equation? For example, what happens if you accidentally back your car into the garage door? Read on for some useful tips on garage door insurance.

Garage Door Insurance: What Type Of Policy Do You Need?

Regardless of the type of building you own⎯a condo, townhouse, cottage, mobile home or other⎯most banks and lending institutions require you to have home insurance. So, let’s start with some basics to determine your garage door insurance needs.

A standard insurance policy is divided into two sections: property coverage and liability insurance. But when it comes to garage door insurance, carefully read your policy. The type of coverage you have will determine if your garage door is insured and what types of damages are covered.

Here are a few examples of what is covered in a basic homeowner’s insurance policies:

  • Dwelling building coverage: this type of policy typically covers your home and attached structures, such as a garage, porch and so on.
  • Detached private structures or outbuilding coverage: this type of policy covers any structure on your premise that is separated from your building by a clear space. This includes a detached garage or garden shed.
  • Personal property: this type of coverage refers to all the contents of your home such as clothing and personal items. You should consult your insurance broker to see if what you store in your garage is covered in this policy.

Garage Door Insurance: What Type Of Damage is Covered And What Type Of Damage Will You Have To Pay For?

Some damage to your garage door may be covered by your home insurance policy. However, other types of damage are not. Here are a few common scenarios that might help shed some light on your garage door insurance.

  • You accidentally backed your car into the garage door

    Embarrassing? Yes, but not uncommon. Whether you were distracted or simply forgot to put the hand brake on, your car insurance will not cover this type of claim. However, most home insurance policies will.

  • My garage door opener is no longer working

    This is usually not covered in a standard policy unless it was caused by another covered incident. Check with your insurance broker for more information.

  • My garage door was damaged by severe weather

    With severe weather, wildfires and other natural disasters increasing in frequency, checking what is covered by your policy is a smart move. However, claims for damages caused by inclement weather can be tricky to file. For example, one weather event may fall under multiple events requiring separate deductibles. Furthermore, catastrophe claims take a long time since insurance companies are inundated with claims following a severe storm.

If your garage door has been damaged, vandalized or is no longer working, contact Les spécialistes des portes Exitech inc. today for a free quote. Our expert team will be happy to assist with your garage door repair or replacement.


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