Tips for garage door repair before winter arrives

Damaged garage door

The days are slowly getting shorter, which means it won’t be long before your once green lawn is blanketed in snow. As the cold weather starts to set in, it is important for homeowners to properly winterize their homes. However, garage door repair is too often overlooked. Take the time to ensure your garage door is in proper working order. This will help prolong the life of your door while keeping you warm and dry.

Proper garage door repair and maintenance starts with a good cleaning

Cleaning your garage door and removing debris will help ensure your door stays rust-free. You can use a mild household soap or car soap. It’s simple, just wet the door, wash with a car wash mitt and mild soap, and rinse. Scrub away debris and make sure the hinges are not clogged. However, we do not recommend using a pressure washer on your door as it may damage the finish.

Additionally, depending on the material of the door (wood, metal), you can apply a protective coating like a stain or wax. This helps protect your door against the elements. Talk to an expert to find the best products to use on your garage door.

Check the weather stripping

To clean the bottom of the door and the weather stripping, use a vinyl cleaner like ones used to clean outdoor furniture. Check the stripping for tears, cracks, or missing pieces. The weather stripping helps keep cold air and water out. For this reason alone, it is important to ensure your weather stripping is in good condition.

Cracked windows? Damaged seal?

Any proper garage door repair must include a check of all the door’s components. If your garage door windows have any cracks, you should replace them before winter arrives. Furthermore, you should also check the seal around the windows. If you notice any tears or cracks, the seal should be replaced before window frames are damaged by rain or snow.

The key to proper garage door repair and maintenance: lubrication!

Lubrication is an important step in garage door repair and maintenance. You should lubricate the metal components at least twice a year. Use a petroleum-based lubricant and apply it to all metal parts that come in contact with one another. This includes hinges, rollers, and spring systems. Don’t forget to remove any excess product with a rag. Grease build-up can cause unnecessary wear and tear to the mechanism. Ask a specialist which lubricants to use on your garage door.

Check your opener’s batteries

When the temperature is well below freezing, there is nothing more annoying than a garage door opener that does not work. As with most remote controls, the batteries in your garage door opener will need to be changed eventually. Check them and make sure you have new batteries for the winter.

Manually test your door

Did you know that many garage door problems can be discovered by testing your door manually? Because your door operates on a mechanical system it is often hard to detect any small problems in the system. A simple manual test can help you determine if there is a problem with the rollers, rails or spring tension. You should be able to lift a well-adjusted door manually. If this is not the case, your garage door’s mechanism may need some TLC. This can be due to overuse and if not fixed can greatly reduce your door’s lifespan. For your safety, never attempt to adjust the cables or torsion springs on your own. Contact a specialist to help you with your garage door repair.

Garage door repair and maintenance are necessary to ensure your home is ready for the winter. Follow these simple tips and your garage door will work flawlessly throughout the season. For more maintenance tips, contact an Exitech, the door specialist.

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