June 30, 2018

Garage Storage: How to Maximize Your Space

Interior of a tidy garage

The garage storage can become a problem. Has your garage become a storage area for just about anything and everything? Old toys, tools, holiday decorations, and all kinds of knickknacks? Don’t worry, you are definitely not alone. Most of us pack our garages so full of stuff that we end up with a somewhat disorganized mess. But with a few simple ideas and some organization, you can easily maximize your garage storage space. Who knows, you may even be able to start parking your car in the garage again! Read on for some simple tips to get you started.

Use The Ceiling to Maximize Your Garage Storage Space

Often neglected, ceiling storage is a great way to use up dead space. You can easily create ceiling storage systems with plastic bins and plywood. While this may not be the ideal space for often used items, it is great for storing seasonal gear. For example, store holiday decorations, camping gear and other lesser-used items on the ceiling. Just make sure you use sturdy racks or avoid storing heavy materials this way. The ceiling is also a great place to store a ladder. Furthermore, storing items on the ceiling, visually frees up eye-level areas making your garage appear cleaner and clutter-free.

Build Or Install Cabinets

If your garage is not already equipped with cabinets, we highly recommend building or installing some. If you are the DIY type, you can build a simple system or visit your nearest home hardware store. There are many options on the market to suit your needs and budget. Cabinets are perfect for organizing items and will make your garage appear less cluttered.

Install Wall Organizers to Maximize Your Garage Storage Space

Hanging things on the wall really frees up floor space. In addition to cabinets, you can install hooks, brackets, shelves and more. For more space on which to mount hooks and brackets, install a ¾-inch sheet of plywood over the drywall or studs. This will provide a larger mounting surface and thus more wall storage.

Pegboards and Wall-Mounted Supports For All Your Tools

Wall-mounted supports are a great way to store garden tools like rakes, hoses and so on. You may even consider storing your wheelbarrow this way to avoid wasting floor space. Many hardware stores offerwall-mounted wheelbarrow holders. Additionally, the trusty pegboard is ideal for hanging tools. Do a little online research and find out how you can easily build these storage systems yourself.

A Folding Workbench Helps Maximize Garage Storage Space

If your garage doubles as a work or craft area create a folding workbench. This system will allow you to save space. We recommend using a wall-mounted one that can be folded down after every use.

Transform Your Garage Into a Home Gym Or Other

You can use your garage for more than just storing stuff or parking your car. The garage can be transformed into a workshop, a home gym or even a home office. This can be especially interesting for larger garages or double garages. You can either transform the entire space or simply use a part of it.

There are many ways to maximize your garage storage space. From hanging things on the ceiling, to using wall mounted systems. Visit your local hardware store, and search the Internet for creative, simple DIY ideas. Organizing your garage will not only give you more storage space but will allow you to find items faster. And certainly, do not forget that a proper garage door will provide security and keep your belongings safe. For all your garage door needs, contact Les spécialistes des portes Exitech inc. today. They will be happy to provide a free quote.


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