June 22, 2017

4 Tricks to Harmonize Your Garage Door With Your House

Harmonize your garage door with your house

Summer is a great time to tackle those long overdue home-renovation projects... especially the exterior ones. If you are thinking about freshening up the look of your home, consider adding your garage door to the equation. Creating a sense of harmony between your home and garage can definitely win you extra points in curb appeal. Here are 4 tricks to harmonize your garage door with your house.

Do You Want to Harmonize Your Garage Door With Your House

Before embarking on any renovation project, make sure you do some research. If you are planning on replacing or upgrading your garage door, figure out your needs. For example, determine what kind of safety properties, insulation, spring design, and materials you need. Of course, costs will also be an issue. Set a realistic budget and consult an expert. Exitech, the door specialist will give you professional advice and help you pick the right door for your home.

Pick the Right Style of Garage Door

Pick the right style of doors for your home. You want to make sure to harmonize the style of your new garage door with the architecture of your home . Whether you live in a bungalow, cottage, or modern home, pick a garage door in a similar style. This will go a long way toward creating a sense of unity. After all, a garage door is an important part of your home’s façade. Fortunately, garage doors come in all shapes and sizes so you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Colour is A Great Way to Harmonize Your Garage Door With Your House

Once you’ve decided on the style of the garage door, the next step is to pick the right color. You can match your garage door to the color of your front door. This is a common practice and an easy way to harmonize your garage door with your house. However, choosing a contrasting color can also be a great way to stand out from your neighbors and leave a lasting impression. There is a great range of color options available, from subdued shades that match your overall color scheme to more adventurous ones. Let your imagination run wild!

Final Touches

Once you have picked the style and color, it’s time for the final touches. Consider adding windows to your garage door. Not only do they let in natural light and reduce your energy bill, they are also an interesting stylistic element. Available in different shapes and sizes, windows can be adapted to most newer GARAGA garage door models. Installing windows that match the windows of your home is a brilliant way to harmonize your garage door with your house.

Another way to instantly boost your curb appeal is by adding decorative hardware. Decorative hardware is an inexpensive way to transform the look of your door. Fairly easy to install, decorative hardware such as knockers, hinges, and handles adds instant style and provides a quick and inexpensive upgrade.

Harmonizing your garage door with your house will boost your house’s curb appeal. If you are planning to sell, it will also leave a lasting impression on potential buyers and guests. Consult an expert to help you with your project. Contact us to learn more.

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