How to Install a Garage Door: The Basic Steps

Garage door installation

Garage door installation is no easy feat. While a handy person may be skilled enough to install a garage door, professionals will ensure your door is installed securely and safely . If you are considering the do-it-yourself route, familiarize yourself with these eight basic steps before getting started. And most importantly, remember to follow the installation guide provided with your purchase.

Step 1: Prepare the Opening Before Garage Door Installation

The first step is to make sure the opening is ready for your garage door installation. This means verifying that the dimensions of your door correspond to the dimensions of your opening. You also need to make sure that the legs are level and perpendicular to the upper lintel. Check your garage door installation guide and make sure that all clearances and dimensions comply with requirements.

Step 2: Prepare the Panels Before Garage Door Installation

Before proceeding with your garage door installation, you need to prepare the different panels. Most models will have several panels, such as a bottom panel, bar-lock panel, inner panel and top panel. It is important to identify the bottom panel and install the hinges in the right places. Typically, you will see marks along the interior side of the panel showing you where to install the hinges. Also, you should use wood screws for the end hinges and bottom support. The self-drilling screws should be used for the center hinges, handles, and electrical operator if applicable.

It is important to use the right hinge for the right panel so make sure you identify them accordingly. Once the hinges are installed, you can install the rollers in the hole of the hinge furthest from the door. And don’t forget, if you are installing reinforcement struts, now is the time to do this.

Step 3: Installing the Vertical Rails

Seeing as this is an important step in any garage door installation, take a moment to identify all the required hardware. Installing the vertical rails is quite complex. To install the vertical rails you will first start with the right rail. The left rail will only be installed once the other panels are in place. The bottom panel will need to be in place and level before you can install the right vertical rail. Once this is done, you can proceed with the installation of the other panels, except the top panel. The top panel will only be installed once the left vertical rail and horizontal rails are in place.

Step 4: Installing the Horizontal Rails

Once the vertical rails are installed, you can move on to the horizontal ones. The horizontal rails should be properly aligned and temporarily fastened to the ceiling. You can now install the top panel. The trickiest part here is to make sure the top panel is perfectly aligned with the other panels. Now you can properly secure the horizontal rails to the ceiling following the steps in the installation guide.

Step 5: Installing the Torsion Springs and Cables

This step can be dangerous and we recommend you to proceed with caution. Always use pliers (vice grips) to block the door and ensure the door cannot move. Any sudden movement can cause serious injury. The door must be locked in a closed position during the installation of the torsion springs.

Step 6: Installing the Weather Strips

Weather stripping is an important step in the garage door installation process. It provides insulation and keeps the cold weather out. It is important to put screws in all the screw holes to avoid warping over time.

Step 7: Installing the Side-Locking System

The side-locking system should only be used with manual garage doors, not electrical ones. In fact, this type of system is not required and can even be dangerous for electric garage doors. To install, make sure the lock can move freely in the hole intended for this purpose in the side vertical rail.

Step 8: Anchor Plates

Finally, you will need to install the handles or electrical operator. To do this it is important to locate the exact placement of the anchor plates.

We hope these basic steps helped you evaluate whether you are able to install your own garage door. We recommend hiring professionals to ensure your door is installed safely and securely. Ask for your quote today and contact Les spécialistes des portes Exitech inc. for more information on professional garage door installation.

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