March 20, 2020

How to Optimize Your Garage

Standard+ Vog, 10' x 7', Black, window layout: Left-side Harmony

Now that we’re all confined to our own homes and socially isolated due to the coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19), there is no better time to get some spring cleaning done and to optimize your home. The garage is the perfect space to start your big annual cleanup!

Here are some ways to transform your garage into a useful, attractive, and clean space.

Make Your Garage Functional

Your garage doesn’t need to be the place where you simply park your vehicles or store large items. There are many ways to organize it so that the space is used well. This will take some planning and coordination on your part to decide if you’d like to use bins, shelving, or a combination of both. Wall-mounted pegboards and wire grids provide great use of vertical space, and can hold everything from sports equipment to garden tools. Ceiling-mounted shelves could also be installed to use overhead space to store bicycles or other clunky items.

Your Garage Door Should Be Secure and Beautiful

Aside from doing spring cleaning inside the garage, it’s a great idea to focus on what keeps your garage safe and secure. Your garage door! If you haven’t updated yours in a while, it might be time. Especially considering that having a stunning garage door can improve your home’s curb appeal and overall value. Luckily, Les spécialistes des portes Exitech inc. has a range of attractive choices for you to pick from. They are solidly built, complement your home’s beauty, and secure your possessions effectively. Plus, we have a diligent, qualified helpful team to install them for you. Furthermore, if you’re in need of maintenance and repair, we can do that too.

Make Your Garage Your Own

In addition to installing a door, we can add accessories or windows to your garage door. Windows will let in more light and improve your space. Our selection of safe and secure LiftMaster garage door openers are robust and long-lasting, and range from basic models to intelligent versions that allow you to open and close them from a significant distance.

If you’re looking to optimize your garage, work with our knowledgeable team at Les spécialistes des portes Exitech inc.. We’d be happy to give you a quote on everything you need, from a new door to windows, accessories, and more. You can also contact us anytime by phone at 1-800-470-0135.

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