February 26, 2019

How to Plan a Garage Mudroom


Are you sick and tired of having coats, keys, and shoes lying around? Creating a mudroom can bring organization and functionality to this mini chaos. And what better place to plan a mudroom than the garage! Here are a few tips and tricks to help you plan your perfect garage mudroom.

Why a garage mudroom?

A mudroom is typically a buffer zone between the indoors and outdoors. It helps to keep snow, rain, and you guessed it, mud out of your house. Basically, a mudroom can be planned in any area or room where it will function as a transition zone. Somewhere to hang coats, store boots, and organize other gear like umbrellas, snow shovels and more.

Depending on how your garage is located, it can provide the perfect space for a mudroom. Converting a corner of your garage into a mudroom is an interesting option as the garage is a perfect transition area from the outdoors. Especially if the kids are in and out with toys and other outdoor gear all day long.

The garage mudroom: heating and cooling efficiency

Planning a mudroom in your garage can offer many interesting possibilities. Typically, the garage is already closed off from the main house. As mudrooms are transition zones they increase heating and cooling efficiency. As such, the ideal solution is to have an inner and outer door, which most garages already have.

Planning the perfect garage mudroom

Now that you have determined your mudroom’s location, it is time to think about how you wish to organize your stuff. Shoe racks, clothes pegs, and a bench for slipping on and removing shoes are the most common features. However, proper storage is also a must. Use shelves, baskets or bins to organize items. Drawers and closets are also great if you wish to keep things out of view.

You should also think about seasonal needs. For example, place rubber mats by the entrance door for winter boots. Or hang up a few extra pegs for wet swimming pool towels in the summer.

Furthermore, many families have individual lockers or storage areas for each family member. You can customize each space according to your family member’s specific needs. You can even label bins by colour or with each family member’s name. Basically, with the plethora of storage and organization solutions on the market, the sky is really the limit. So let your creativity run wild.

Flooring and lighting

As the mudroom is likely to get dirty fast, floor choice is important. Select flooring that resists moisture and is easy to clean. Some popular options include concrete, tile or stone, vinyl, as well as rugs and mats. If your garage mudroom already has a drain, that is great as it will help with melting snow or rain-soaked gear.

Last, lighting and wall decorations will enhance the space. Consider replacing your garage door with a window model to increase natural light. And make sure your garage door is as efficient and functional as possible to make comings and goings a breeze. Contact Exitech, the door specialist today to schedule a garage door inspection or repair and start planning your dream mudroom.

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