March 3, 2017

10 Good Reasons for a Well-Insulated Garage Door

Porte de garage isolée

The importance to have an insulated garage door. A garage is a nice addition to a house. Not only does it certainly add value to your home, but you can use it for many activities! Its use depends, however, on its isolation and its location, among others. So, is your garage attached to your house or is it in the back of the yard? Is it currently insulated or not? What do you want to do in your garage? Significant, these questions? Indeed, they are, especially when the time comes to choose a garage door adapted to our activities. Here are 10 reasons that should convince you that having an insulated garage door, it’s important.

Insulated Garage Doors, Because…

  1. A workshop of DYI or renovation, why not? Do you like tinkering or renovate everything that falls in your hands? But they are messy activities, particularly if they are carried out inside a house! The ideal solution: a garage! Not only does the dirt stay there, but you’re as comfortable as in your living room! Conditionally, of course, to an insulated garage door, especially for the winter. There is also the noise factor. Indeed, this door will soundproof the bench saw and the round saw aggressive noises!
  2. Whether we like it or not, a garage is an extension of a house. Why not turn it accordingly to your activities: studio, game area for children, or even a room for animals! Your artists will have all the space desired to spread their equipment, which will release your home at the same time! What about young child artists? They love to sing their head off? Soundproof the garage, add an insulated door and voila! Your children will have their own music studio! Even your pet could find use of a well-insulated garage. It can run on its own and bring you back its toys, that will not be covered in mud!
  3. No more smoking in the house? Why not in the garage? Today, it is a reality. More and more smokers choose to no longer enjoy their vice in the house. With an insulated garage door, they can create a small place to relax at their leisure. They just have to install a good ventilation system!

Insulated Garage Doors for Storage

  1. Need temporary storage? Why not the garage. But some furniture does not like cold or moisture. It’s why it is essential to have a good insulated garage door. It is even more important for those who work from home and use the garage to store customers’ papers before giving them!
  2. You could also store the car in the garage! You thought of? Wouldn’t it be wonderful, in these snowy winter mornings, to only have to open the garage door to go to work! Your car would be already comfortable, providing that your garage is equipped with a well-insulated garage door!

Insulated Garage Doors = Savings

  1. Conveniently, a garage generates electricity savings. Yes, well it is even more true when the garage is even annexed to the house. Thus, as an integral part of the building envelope, it affects the costs of heating and air conditioning of the house itself. In the same vein, an insulated garage door generates reductions of fees which vary according to the type of material. For example, a simple steel door to reduce his electricity bill of $ 400 to $ 640 a year.
  2. An insulated garage door, even if the garage is not heated? Think about it all the same! Because the additional insulation of the door will protect it from damage and will make it also more sustainable. Moreover, as insulated doors are becoming more popular, a more modern design is often only available in this type of door.

Insulated Garage Doors = Comfort

  1. A more comfortable home thanks to an insulated garage door. That makes sense, because the insulated garage door cut from the outside world, including the noise and temperature. In addition, the insulation of the door will greatly contribute to regulating the temperature of the garage, reducing the impact of heat or intense cold.
  2. Better running vehicles. It is an open secret: starting a vehicle in cold weather is never good for the engine. However, if the garage, as well as the door is better insulated, oil requires less time in this respect and feel even less difficult to achieve. Because of this, a simple insulated garage door influences the effort provided by the components of the engine and vehicle maintenance costs.
  3. It is a reality, a garage increases the value of a house, particularly if the garage door is isolated. Especially because it represents, today the preference of buyers. Because think about it, your insulated garage door occupies an average 40 percent of the façade of a house!

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