March 29, 2017

Spring Cleaning: Eight Tips to Organize Your Garage

Organize your garage

Organizing the garage. . . what a task! But it needs to get done if you want to sort things out. Fortunately, this month’s post will give you a big helping hand to organize your garage and make the most of the space available. Here are some tips to organize your garage in an effective way.

Organize your Garage: Planning is Key

  1. Time and planning are the basis of any good approach. If you spring clean the garage, plan ahead. Visualize your garage empty and shop for storage solutions that best meet your needs, depending on what you want to store and above all, the space available. You can even sketch out a plan to make sure you don’t forget anything! Thus, each item will have its own place on paper. But above all, schedule a time when you will have time to complete the task, like a long weekend.
  2. You can easily turn organizing the garage into a family activity. Why not include all family members in the process? Thus, everyone can voice their preference for the location of their equipment. And you can even make a pact with your children. Ask them to help you clean and organize, and let them choose a logical location for their equipment. In return, they can promise to keep the space tidy and always put their equipment away after use. This way, you can avoid tripping over your youngest hockey equipment while searching for the shovel!

Organize your Garage: A Matter of Logic!

  1. Before getting started, the first step in organizing the garage is sorting out your stuff. Make four distinct piles: keep, give, sell or throw away. Now, let’s say you decide to keep most items. There is a simple and effective way to store them: sort them out again! Place the items you use regularly (bags, dog leash, etc.) near the door for easy access. Also, there are certain objects that are used together. Group them. For example, keeping the buffer on the same shelf as the car wash soap is logical. The two corners at the back of the garage should be used to store bulky items, such as the mower or snow blower. For items used less frequently like Christmas decorations or tires, think about storing them in height or on solid shelves.
  2. The second step is to use all available surfaces. The goal here is to have the least amount of stuff sitting on the ground. We agree, the garage should be used to store what doesn’t go into the house. This might include embarrassing items, you don’t want to sell. So, consider the ceiling to store skis, umbrellas, canoes and even bikes! The walls can be used to hang hand, electrical or gardening tools, and more. As such, you’ll have more space to move around. Shelves are also good options for efficient storage.
  3. Step 3: throw stuff out! You probably won’t use your old roller skates from the seventies again. So why keep them? The golden rule: give away or sell what you have not used in two years or more. Alternatively, why not fund a small project close to your heart by organizing a yard sale with the items you no longer use but that are still in good condition?

Organize your Garage: What You Don’t Want in the House

  1. When organizing the garage, make a trash and recycling corner. This way, empty cans, and bottles, instead of hanging out under the kitchen sink, will have a space in the garage where you can store them, just like the recycling and compost.
  2. When going about garage organization, there are some basic rules to consider. Are you handy? Do you have a lot of tools? Then, consider adding a workbench in the garage. It will provide you with a work surface when needed. On the back wall, affix a pegboard that allows you to attach metal hooks or baskets for more storage. For screws and bolts—you know those useful tiny objects that you always drop and can’t find—consider specially designed drawers. Chemicals (including paint and solvents) should, ideally, be stored in a fireguard cupboard. In addition, it is recommended to store them in their original container. Yes, even if there’s only a drop left! The reason? Labels provide all the relevant information to use them safely. For example, they provide first aid instructions if swallowed.
  3. Organizing the garage is also a way to clean up. Once the floor has been cleared, the broom is your friend! If needed, do not hesitate to use his trusty companion, the vacuum. And with those wheels, it will follow you wherever you go! Think about it: if your garage is clean, you will be more inclined to store your belongings in their rightful place after you use them.

Beyond Organization: Maintenance!

Last, think about doing garage maintenance at least once a year. Inspect the state of the slab for cracks or chipping. Oil garage doors, clean windows, check the weather stripping, and so on.

Do you like our article on organizing your garage? Want more tips? Contact us now; it will be our pleasure to help you! And don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for more interesting ideas.


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