September 25, 2019

5 Advantages of Sliding Garage Doors

House with 2 garage doors

Available in a variety of models, the sliding garage door is certainly a major attribute for your house. So how do you know which one to choose from all of these options? Below are five advantages of a sliding garage door to help you make your decision. You will then be able to determine if this type of door is suitable.

1- Sliding garage door: ease-of use

As its name suggests, a sliding garage door is a door that slides on metal rails. It opens laterally or vertically. In the case of a lateral opening door, it glides along the wall rather than having to push it up. It opens very easily manually, but it can also be automated for added ease-of-use. You can therefore install a garage door opener if you wish.

2- Customise your sliding garage door

California, 9' x 7', Black aluminum frame, Sandblasted glass

To add style to your house, you can select a classic, rustic or modern door. Whichever option you choose, your sliding garage door will be unique, convenient, long-lasting, reliable, and will not go out of style. Pick the colours, the patterns and the design to match it to your house. You can also add some windows for an even nicer look. In addition, the windows will let the natural light into your garage.

Thanks to the simplicity of the system, this type of garage door is available in different materials. Steel, wood, fibreglass-reinforced plastic (GRP) or PVC, everything is possible. Moreover, there are no restrictions on thickness and weight. Although the weight does not cause any strain, the PVC door is the lightest.

3- Ease of installation

Installing a sliding garage door is pretty simple. It fits in various types of garages, and in different opening sizes. You can order a custom-made sliding garage door. The rail installation for a lateral opening door is a bit more complex. It is therefore preferable to have it installed by a garage door expert. The upper rail ensures the weight distribution, and the lower rail guides the door when opening. The bottom one is installed on the floor or recessed in the ground. The rails are strong, and can even support the weight of vehicles.

Installation of a garage door

4- Convenient garage door

The greatest benefit of this type of door is undoubtedly the fact that it is the perfect solution for lack of height. If the garage ceiling is low, or if there are pipes on the ceiling, this garage door is exactly what you need! This door is also very helpful if you are planning to install a mezzanine for storage.

Interior of a tidy garage

Some doors are designed in a one piece, but others split in two when they open. In this case, the panels slide along the wall on either side of the garage. The possibilities are numerous and can be adapted to all types of spaces. You can even add a pedestrian door.

5- Secure garage door

Child under a garage door

The sliding garage door system is secure. The cables and tracks are secure and long-lasting to prevent premature wear or an accident. Moreover, a stopping post improves airtightness and provides greater security when thedoor is closed. But even so, keep in mind that the sliding garage door is not the most airtight. However, it is very practical to let pedestrians come in. You can open it partially to walk in to avoid a large amount of air infiltration.

Since the sliding garage door is available in many models, the cost varies greatly. For example, it will vary depending on the material and the size. Les spécialistes des portes Exitech inc. can help you identify your needs and prepare an estimate for your sliding garage door. Contact Les spécialistes des portes Exitech inc. today to request a quote.

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