June 18, 2019

The LiftMaster 8550W Garage Door Opener: The Best Buy on the Market

Garage door opener LiftMaster 8550W

Are you in the market for a new garage door opener? Then, look no further than the LiftMaster 8550W! This DC battery backup belt-drive Wi-Fi garage door opener is getting rave reviews and with good reason. Not only is it one of the quietest models on the market, but it is also highly reliable and secure. Moreover, it is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to make your life simpler. Read on and discover why the 8550W is our pick for best electric garage door opener.

One of the quietest garage door openers on the market

The first feature most customers comment on is how quiet the 8550W is. Because it uses a DC motor, it is quieter than other garage door openers with AC motors. Additionally, it operates with a rubber belt drive instead of a chain drive. This provides smooth, quiet operation, time after time. Furthermore, a belt drive is much easier to replace than a chain drive. While you will need a professional to install the garage door opener, chances are you will be able to maintain it yourself. All in all, the noise factor is a definite bonus. Both for you (especially if there is a bedroom above the garage) and for your neighbours!

Battery backup means your garage door opener will work even in a power outage

This may not seem like a big deal but trust us it is! Having battery backup is a great feature in case of a power outage or storm. For example, if the power goes out, your battery should allow you to open and close your garage door about 20 times. This is especially helpful if your garage door can only be opened with the opener. Or if it is difficult to open manually. And once the power returns, the battery will automatically recharge itself.

State of the art technology - Garage door opener LiftMaster 8550W

State of the art technology for your peace of mind

The 8550W garage door opener is equipped with the latest in innovative technology. The built-in Wi-Fi allows you to control your garage door remotely through your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, the MyQ® app can send alerts if your garage door is opened. What’s more, the application allows you to give someone access to your garage door even if you are not at home. This is especially handy for letting in the dog walker, repairmen or anyone else you trust. And you can even set a recurring schedule to close the garage door or turn MyQ® lights on or off.

Safeguards your home - MyQ

Top-notch security safeguards your home

The 8550W garage door opener is equipped with LiftMaster’s Security +2.0 system. This feature prevents the signal from your remote from being received by anyone else. As such, you can confidently know that every click sends a secure code to the garage door opener. Furthermore, safety sensors protect people and vehicles by stopping the door when obstacles are detected.

Accessories - LiftMaster

All about the accessories

To make your life even easier, the LiftMaster 8550W offers a host of add-ons. For example, you can add remote light control, allowing you to turn on a light right from your remote! This is truly handy if you get home late at night. You can also choose to install the 829LM monitor. It allows you to control and monitor up to four garage door openers or gates from any room inside your house. If parking is tricky in your garage, add the laser parking accessory to make parking a breeze.

Accessories - Bed side

Finally, amp up your security with the Nest Cam. While smartphone push notifications through the MyQ® app alert users of garage door activity, the Nest Cam provides live video feed. That’s 24/7 live video from the garage or any other room in your home. Plus, you will receive notifications if motion is detected through the MyQ® app.

MyQ notifications

To find out more about the 8550W, or to purchase this state-of-the-art garage door opener, contact Les spécialistes des portes Exitech inc. today. Our garage door experts will be happy to assist you with all your questions and needs.

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