Simple Tips to Fix Your Noisy Garage Door

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Many homeowners complain that their garage door squeaks and makes a racket. In fact, this is one of the most common problems when maintaining a garage door. When you leave in the wee hours of the morning, a silent garage door will be appreciated by all… neighbours included! Here are a few simple steps to maintain your garage door and calm down a noisy garage door.

Three Key Components To Fix Your Noisy Garage Door And Ensure A Quiet Operation

There are three main components that ensure a quiet garage door. First, you should check the rollers. Older garage door models often have steel rollers, which eventually no longer roll but slide. In this case, this can make a tremendous amount of noise. Besides, we recommend getting nylon-coated steel rollers with at least 11 ball bearings.

Second, consider installing vibration isolators. They are installed between the door opener and the ceiling, and will reduce noise.

Third, check what type of drive opener you have. A chain drive model is much noisier than one with a variable speed belt drive. If your opener is more than 20 years old, we recommend purchasing a newer model. The latest models are much quieter and offer a smoother operation. At Exitech, the door specialist, we carry LiftMaster garage openers for residential and commercial doors.

A Few Simple DIY Steps To Maintain a Silent Garage Door

Once you have inspected your garage door and opener, these few simple steps will help reduce noise. Indeed, tighten any nuts and bolts, as loose hardware may be the cause of the noise. Then lubricate all the hardware. This should be done with a cloth and petroleum-based lubricant. Make sure you lubricate all the parts including the springs, tracks, rollers, and other metal hardware. Next, lubricate the weatherstripping on your garage door. Often, weatherstripping that does not slide well can cause noise. We recommend a silicone-based lubricant to avoid damaging the stripping and ensuring proper gliding.

Tune-Ups And Preventative Garage Door Maintenance

Now that you have fixed the noise problem, time for tune-ups and regular maintenance. As a matter of fact, at Exitech, the door specialist, our garage door specialists will be happy to assist you with regular tune-ups and maintenance . They will inspect and lubricate all components, and recommend any parts that need to be replaced. This will prolong the life of your garage door.

Buying A New Door And Opener

If you garage door is quite old, sometimes even these steps will not reduce the noise problem. You may want to consider buying a new door and opener. We recommend the following when buying a new door:

  1. Buy a sandwich type door with three layers: steel/insulator/steel. These types of constructions are designed to transfer less noise.
  2. Buy an opener that features anchor plates welded, as opposed to bolted, to the tracks.
  3. As mentioned above, purchase an opener with nylon coated steel rollers with a minimum of 11 ball bearings.
  4. Choose a model with a torsion type spring system rather than an extension type system. It is not only quieter but safer as well.
  5. Regularly maintain your garage door and lubricate all the parts. This will usually fix any minor noise problems and keep your door running smoothly.

Do not let a noisy garage door interrupt your beauty sleep. Follow these simple steps to maintain your garage door or contact a specialist. At Exitech, the door specialist our garage door specialists will be happy to assist you with any problems or issues.

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